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The Trooper

The Trooper

Custom Fit Holsters

Custom Fit Holsters

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The Snuff Cuff

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Easy Can Access

THE TROOPER Sport Sunglasses and Transition Lenses Holster
The leading edge is rounded with no seams to accomodate larger lenses. A close up view of how The Trooper holds the larger lenses.    Note the precision stitching and superiior craftsmanship.The "banana case" .   Fabric covered cardboard.The Trooper will literally "hold" a banana case.The Cavalry Edition Trooper on the left and the standard Trooper on the Right.   Note the wider brim on the Cavalry Edition.You can choose either a beltloop or heavy-duty metal clip to hold The R=Trooper on your belt.The clip makes it possible to remove The Trooper with ease.   You can "take" it off but it will not "come" off.
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With a style reminiscent of the Old West, The Trooper allows you to carry your eyewear or cell phone in a very simple, functional and elegant way. Like all Sight Rider products, The Trooper attaches to your belt in a vertical rather than horizontal position hence the “holster” appearance. The Trooper can carry almost any style and / or size Rx or non-Rx glasses, sport glasses or transition lens glasses with convenience, durability and style.


The Trooper is capable of carrying your cell phone. For instance the iphone 4 with Otterbox “attached” fits perfectly as do most other smart phones.


The Standard Trooper is what we refer to as The Police version and is more suited to law enforcement applications since the brim is narrower and doesn't occupy as much space on your belt. Then there is the Wide Brim Edition with its stylish extended brim with the same carrying capacity and the same soft deerskin lining to protect your lenses from scratches or cell phone face.


You also have the option of selecting your own Concho to go with our standard super strong magnetic latch or a twist-style clasp to secure the brim. You can view the different Concho and Clasp styles by clicking Conchos.

The Trooper is tough on the outside but soft on the inside. The deer skin lining assures you of a "scratch free" environment. So, give your glasses or iPhone the protection they need with the styling you deserve and custom build your own Trooper below.


You can also choose how you want to attach it to your belt. You can have it made with a belt loop or a metal retention clip. The clip-on method gives you the flexibility to transfer The Trooper easily to different belts.     You can specify either a  1 3/4" or  2 1/4 " clip.  


Instead of wondering where to put them or then where you left them, your glasses or cell phone are conveniently at your side at all times.

Other carrying cases don't provide the level of convenience, durability, style and protection that The Trooper does. You can be confident that your glasses or phone are always safe with you.


Inside width: Top: 3.5 " Bottom: 2.5 "
Inside depth (frt to bck): 1.75 "
Inside Length (leading edge: 5.0 "
Inside Length (trailing edge: 6.25 "
Outside width: Standard Trooper Top: 5.25 " Cavalry Edition Trooper Top: 5.75" Bottom: 3.0 "
Outside depth (front to back) 2.25 "
Outside Length (leading edge): 6.75 "
Outside Length (trailing edge): 8.0 "
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